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About Us

UDM Technologies strives towards innovating, building and delivering world class solutions and services for the enterprise customers with utmost focus on customer satisfaction. The key heritage that UDM Technologies carries is on products, solutions and services in ICT space, however, UDM Technologies has spanned out well in areas including IT consulting, cloud solutions, Mobility and analytics. As a part of the social responsibility, UDM Technologies has earmarked a part of the profits for the social cause.

  • As a long term area of focus, UDM Technologies has built unmatched expertise in Cloud offering to deliver value to enterprises to enhance their business efficiency by rapidly adopting the changing IT needs in the ever changing business environment thereby keeping pace with the high delivery standards expected by the customers, partners and stakeholders .
  • UDM Technologies works in strategic partnership with the industry cloud technology leaders.
  • The management team of UDM Technologies has 60+ man years’ experience with the organizations of high repute in India and globally in IT, Telecom, FMCG, Finance and process excellence. To create a right mix of experience and passionate execution, UDM Technologies has created a young and dynamic team of professionals in products/ solution development, customer service and organizational support services.
  • As a part of the social responsibility, UDM Technologies has earmarked a part of the profits for the social cause.


ICT Consulting

UDM Tech closely works with the business stake holders of the organization to understand the current business model and future plans.

Backup & Archival

UDM tech along with its global product partners can converges multiple technologies into one progressive and cost-efficient solution for frictionless backup and point-in-time data recovery.

Cloud Workloads

UDM Tech sells, deploys and delivers customization services on the leading SaaS applications, collaboration tools and IaaS/PaaS platforms.


UDM Tech is authorized and preferred partner for various OEMs including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and VMware. We possess highly skilled manpower on various platforms and middleware.

Cognitive Solutions

UDM Tech has been working on various machine learning projects including chatbot, Text to Speech, NLU and Visual Recognition.

Why choose us?

Flexible Invoicing Options

Pay as you go or enter into an annual contract with our flexible and attractive billing options on cloud services.

Structured SLAs

Our highly-structured service level agreements cover everything and can be customized as per your business needs.

Reduced IT Investments

Transition using our cloud services become an agile organization and bring down your IT costs- a win-win scenario for everyone.

Real-time Scalability

Scale up your IT operations as per your business need without investment in additional resources. Pay-as-you grow.

Swift Deployment

We understand how important it is for you to keep things rolling. Hence, we never delay anything and deploy cloud solutions without obstructing your routine operations.

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